Employment & Personal Taxation

We support clients in a wide range of employment, compensation and benefits issues, including in connection with M&A transactions. Our practice combines knowledge of employment, social security and tax regulations, which allows us to provide top-tier advice.

Our advice covers the following basic areas:

  • individual labour law;
  • collective labour law;
  • remuneration systems;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • taxes and social securities.

We provide advice on day-to-day matters involving the hiring of staff under employment contracts and cooperation under civil law contracts, as well as the preparation of internal regulations and policies, forms of employment contracts and other documents under which staff can be hired, including the auditing of such documents that are already in effect in our clients’ businesses. We are experienced in preparing remuneration structures for management board members and managers, including long-term incentive schemes and stock option plans. Our work also includes court representation in employment disputes.

During M&A transactions, we conduct labour-law due diligence investigations and provide support to employers in workforce restructuring, including mass lay-offs, and in communication with employees.

We understand the legal and practical issues that Polish employers who are members of Polish and multinational capital groups may face. Keeping an ever-watchful eye on changes in employment law and current court jurisprudence, we are able to effectively advise clients even in respect of the most complex and sensitive matters.

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