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Rymarz Zdort Maruta was a partner of the European Financial Congress 2023

6 June 2023

The 13th edition of the European Financial Congress, a major annual forum of the finance world in Poland, was held on 5 and 6 July 2023.

Rymarz Zdort Maruta organised a debate titled “In search of the limits of the interference of law and regulatory measures in the banking sector”, which addressed the following issues:

▫️ Where should the limits of the interference of law and regulatory measures in the sector lie?
▫️ What if the limits cannot be defined at all?
▫️ Is there a golden mean between consumer protection and the observance of the terms of concluded agreements?
▫️ What are the best ways of developing and reaching an agreement on regulations and guidelines?
▫️ What role should the regulators and the sector play in the process?

Answers to the above questions were provided by representatives of regulators, the banking sector and law firms who attended the debate. The participants also attempted to develop their joint recommendations in this respect.

The debate was moderated by Cezary Stypułkowski, President of the Management Board of mBank S.A.


  • Jacek Jastrzebski, Chair of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority;
  • Katarzyna Szwarc, High Representative of the Minister of Finance for Capital Market Development Strategy;
  • Piotr Tomaszewski, President of the Management Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund;
  • Magdalena Szwarc-Bakuła, Chief Legal Officer of Santander Bank Polska S.A.;
  • Łukasz Gasiński, a partner and the head of the regulatory practice of Rymarz Zdort Maruta; and
  • Iwona Her, a partner and the head of the antitrust and competition law practice of Rymarz Zdort Maruta.

Adam Puchalski, Ph.D., gave an introductory presentation prior to the debate.

Team members

Łukasz Gasiński

Dr hab. Łukasz Gasiński


Dr hab. Łukasz Gasiński
Adam Puchalski

Dr Adam Puchalski


Dr Adam Puchalski
Iwona Her

Iwona Her


Iwona Her

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