Yaraslau Kot

Of Counsel

Yaraslau Kot

Yaraslau Kot, an of counsel in the technology department of Rymarz Zdort Maruta and a member of the Video Games & Entertainment team. 

Experience and academic work: 

He is an internationally renowned lawyer and an expert in the industry of game creation and development and innovative technologies with more than 20 years of experience.  

He specialises in law related to the video game industry, corporate law, new technology and intellectual property law, constitutional law, forensics, medical law and human resources law. He has advised numerous companies, governments and international organisations. He has been involved in the development of numerous games and start-ups. 

Yaraslau is a former Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe and Asia of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), the founder of the Belarusian Game Developers Association (BelGameDev), a former board member of Crypto Association.by, a co-founder of IT Law Hub, an organiser of the Crypto Games Conference, etc. He holds the following academic degrees: PhD, LLM, MPsych, MBA. 

He currently co-organises international industry events such as the Game Industry Conference, Games Gathering Conference, Crystal Canvas digital art contest, Central and Eastern Europe Games Awards. He also sits on the programme committee of the Central and Eastern Europe Game Studies Conference, etc. He has been advising The Farm 51, the Association of Belarusian Business Abroad and the Government of Moldova. He also conducts research on narratology at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, is a visiting professor at Tallinn University in Estonia, where he conducts a practical course on game development for graduate students and gives EMBA lectures on business ethics and trust at the Kozminski University in Warsaw. He is a reviewer of the Simulation and Gaming Journal, a member of the Academic Board of the Homo Ludens journal published by the Games Research Association of Poland. He authored more than a hundred publications and thousands of lectures worldwide.

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