Privacy & Data Protection

Personal data protection has been our focus since the enactment of the 1995 Data Protection Directive. Thanks to our extensive practical experience, which is unparalleled on the Polish legal market (we have participated in audits carried out by the Polish Data Protection Commissioner, represented clients in judicial and administrative proceedings, and handled numerous data protection complaints and infringements), we have developed the know-how necessary to accurately and reliably assess compliance with the GDPR. 

Thanks to the breadth of our experience we can optimise your data protection processes in terms of efficiency and regulatory correctness. We have implemented GDPR compliance procedures in more than 250 companies from multiple business sectors and conducted more than 100 GDPR compliance audits. We have a 27-strong privacy team comprising highly competent specialists, including former employees of the Personal Data Protection Office ("PDPO").  

We offer full-scale legal support covering a wide range of services such as audits and roll-outs, a GDPR helpdesk, simulated audits of the Polish Data Protection Commissioner, outsourcing of DPO functions, the preparation of GDPR documentation, DPIAs and entrustment agreements, the legalisation of data transfers, and much more. We are always up to date with new regulations concerning not only privacy protection, but also specialised business sectors. What sets us apart is that we offer to represent clients in all manner of proceedings before the Polish courts and the PDPO. We also conduct a wide range of training activities involving our key lawyers.

Our clients are supported by a team of over 20 lawyers dealing with protecting personal data. See more >

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